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UK hikes to get off the beaten track

Eager to get off the beaten track this season? We’ve teamed up with Ordnance Survey to help you do just that! Your chance to take on #TeamMontane’s recommended hiking routes...Read more

6 ways to boost your winter immunity

Sports and clinical Dietitian Renee McGregor shares her essential nutrition advice to help you hit the trail feeling fit and healthy this season…...Read more

How to navigate at night

#TeamMontane mountaineer Matt Cooper shares his essential advice for anyone adventuring in the dark this season…...Read more

#TeamMontane Gear Guide

#TeamMontane’s athletes know how to put Montane gear through its paces! Discover which items they’ll be relying on this season and why…...Read more

Solo Adventure: Jenny Tough's Tips

#TeamMontane’s Jenny Tough shares her advice for anyone considering taking on a solo adventure. ...Read more

#TeamMontane: Climbing & mental health

In support of World Mental Health Day (10 October), #TeamMontane climber Grace Shephard shares her mental health journey. ...Read more

A guide to the layering system

The key to exploring comfortably in the great outdoors? Mastering your layering system. Discover the layering up fundamentals we want every adventurous soul to understand....Read more

How to understand the weather

Weather in the mountains can change at a rapid rate. Discover expert advice and essential weather tools to help you stay safe on the move....Read more

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