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Kit Review: Lite-Speed Trail Pull-On

This season we’ve redeveloped the Lite-speed Trail Pull-On to create a packable, windproof jacket that allows you to move fast and light. Hear what #TeamMontane think…...Read more

Kit Review: The Orbiton pack

Looking for a versatile pack that’s perfect for a variety of activities? Look no further than the Montane Orbiton backpack - the perfect companion for everyday missions. ...Read more

Athlete review: Testing the Protium Fleece Hoodie

Keen to get your hands on a Protium fleece? Not sure what to expect? Hear from Montane athletes Sebastian and Benjamin to see what they think of the popular Protium...Read more

Why Ineo pants are the ultimate women’s leggings

Discover the ultimate women’s leggings for all your adventure needs! We breakdown the reasons why every woman who loves to explore should own a pair of Ineo Pants. ...Read more

The Spine waterproof jacket takes on the GR131

The Spine jacket is our go-to versatile waterproof jacket for women this season. Engineered for a range of activities, but especially good for moving fast in the mountains. Find out...Read more

Best Men’s Waterproof Jackets

Stay dry, protected and comfortable on the move - no matter what the weather throws at you this season. Take a look at our top waterproof jackets for men. ...Read more

Athlete Q&A: Grand Traverse skier Alyssa Wendt

The Grand Traverse is an epic 40-mile ski race based in the rugged Rocky Mountains. Find out what to expect in this exclusive interview with Alyssa Wendt a former participant...Read more

Athlete Reviews: The most versatile kit in our range

Hear from 3 Montane athletes to find out what their most versatile pieces of Montane kit are this season....Read more

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