Brit Rock Film Tour

After a hiatus last year, 2021’s Brit Rock Film Tour promises to be a return to form with 4 films covering everything from exploratory desert tower climbing in Saudi Arabia to Lake District trad and everything in between.

As well as physical showings in cinemas and screenings around the country, the film tour can also be streamed digitally online – ideal if you can’t make a showing.

The subject of the Film Tours headline film ‘Fall Theory’, Montane Ambassador Franco Cookson stars in this feature documentary as it follows his latest journey to climb the hardest line of his career. Along the way, it takes an in-depth look into the mind of this fascinating madman/genius in attempt to explain his motivations for pursuing such objectively dangerous lines. We have been a fan of Franco for a while, and are looking forward to others joining suit.

Britain’s Leo Houlding undertakes a true latter-day dirtbag adventure to the desert towers of Saudi Arabia. Loose rock, deep sand, camels, and confused locals – old-school adventure in its truest sincerity.

An innovatively filmed mini-epic following world-class crack climber Pete Whittaker’s attempt to free solo the imposing Kjerag big wall in Norway. A test of his considerable skills and mettle, answering the age-old question of ‘can I actually climb?’.

Documenting accomplished all-rounder Neil Gresham as he realises his hardest trad project Lexicon, a steep and blank headwall of Pavey Ark’s East Gully in the Lake District. Tiny holds, notably absent protection, and big falls. A classic cocktail of big lobs, hard climbing, and glory.

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