Our Athletes

We work with some of the world's leading athletes and outdoor professionals.

We work with some of the most high-profile athletes and communities in the world. From ultra-endurance athletes like Galen Reynolds and Jenny Tough, to the thin air of high-altitude mountaineering with Jon Gupta, and everything in between. We run mountain ranges, summit inaccessible peaks, seek new lines, and chase unbeaten trails.

All Montane athletes pioneer Further.Faster.

Jenny Tough

Fastpacking & Ultra Endurance Athlete

Jon Gupta

Mountaineering & Climbing Athlete

Debbie Martin-Consani

Ultra Running Athlete

Galen Reynolds

Ultra Running Athlete

Emma Powell

Ice Climbing & Dry Tooling Athlete

Marcus Scotney

Ultra Running Athlete

Rebecca Coles

Alpinism & Climbing Athlete

Liam Foster

Ice climbing & Dry Tooling Athlete

Julio Cernuda Aldecoa

Ultra runner

Francesca Canepa

Ultra runner

Kevin Hadfield

Ultra runner

Tom Hollins

Ultra runner

Simon Yearsley

Alpinism & climbing

Tom Ballard

Alpinism, climbing & dry tooling

Malcolm Bass

Alpinism & climbing

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