The Montane Summer Spine Race: 19 to 26 June

The notoriously challenging Spine race is back for another thrilling summer edition this June, hot off the heels of the 10th Winter Spine race anniversary event. For those unfamiliar, the Spine is a non-stop race which sees participants navigate the Pennine Way on a series of varying race options (scroll for more on those below).

Along the way racers battle extreme exposure to the elements, sleep deprivation and challenging terrain. Don’t be fooled that the summer edition is an ‘easier option’ than the winter race, the weather up north can be equally as changeable, even at this time of the year. The threat of hot weather on the trail also poses additional challenges for racers to negotiate…

3 Races to Watch

Summer Spine Race: 19-25 June

268 miles
Edale to Kirk Yethholm
The original non-stop Spine race covering the entire length of the Pennine Way.

Summer Spine Sprint: 18-19 June

46 miles
Edale to Hebden Bridge
An ‘entry level’ challenge that gives a flavour of the Spine race experience.

Summer Spine Challenger: 18 - 20 June

108 miles
Edale to Kirk Hardraw
Taking on the notoriously difficult and exposed northern stages of the Pennine Way.

Top moments from the Summer Spine 2022

The Montane Summer Spine race has wrapped for another year! We take a closer look at what turned into a record breaking event, with multiple new records set on the dry trails of the Pennine Way.

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