Montane Impact Report

As part of our commitment to reduce our environmental impact and be transparent with our consumers, we’re delighted to launch our first-ever annual Impact Report.

This report builds on many years of work, improving corporate responsibility and product transparency at Montane. We now want to update you on what this has involved! Reflecting on our journey in 2023 provides a lot to be proud of, but we are aware there is always more to do to mitigate the environmental impact of our business. Building on our existing efforts is an important part of our ever-evolving journey.

That’s why, within the impact report, you will also find the next steps (we’ve got lots planned!) that are in store for us this year and beyond…

“By beginning to annually publish these reports we hope that our progress can be more visible and easily understood. Ultimately, we aim to balance the scales by recognising that our processes and conduct come at a cost that must be balanced with action.” Anna, Corporate Social Responsibility Manager
What will you find in this report?

What will you find in this report?

• Overview of who we are
• The Montane Route Map
• What it means to be part of #TeamMontane
• Diversity and Inclusivity
• Further.Forever. Our Responsibility.
• Progress made in 2023
• Where we will go in 2024 (and beyond)

“As a small UK-based brand, we recognise that the products we sell and how they are manufactured, transported, used and maintained, have a negative environmental impact. We also recognise that it is only when we work together with our supply chain, retailers, and particularly with our consumers, that we can achieve true and meaningful change.” Gary, Managing Director

Our Further.Forever Hub

We are committed to reducing our environmental impact and to being transparent with consumers as this journey continues, so you are well informed and confident about the origin of your Montane products. Head back to our main page or find out more on our other pillars: