Introducing Malcolm Bass

Malcolm has been climbing exploratory alpine routes all over the world for the past twenty years. Driven by the thrill of breaking new ground, he has climbed in Alaska, China, India and Pakistan.

Notable successes include the first ascent (in 2001 with Paul Figg) of ‘The Prey’ on the East Face of Mt Hunter in Alaska, the first ascent (2010, again with Paul) of the 1,600m west face of India's 6,780m Vasuki Parbat (for which he was nominated for the Piolet D'Or) and first ascents of Haizi Shan (5,800m, China, 2006, with Pat Deavoll) and Dunlung Kangri (6,365m, India, Paul Figg and Simon Yearsley, 2012).

Closer to home, the Scottish Highlands still have vast potential for exciting exploratory climbing, especially in winter when freezing temperatures transform dripping, vegetated cliffs into cutting edge mixed climbing venues and Malcolm and Simon have put up dozens of new routes in this style across the Highlands.
Whether in the Himalaya or on Ben Nevis, Malcolm’s heart sings at the prospect of vigorous exercise with good friends in beautiful, snowy settings.

His Achievements

  • 1992 First Ascent [FA] south face Yogeshwar (6617m) India
  • 2001 FA “The Prey”, east face Mount Hunter, Alaska ( followed by traverse of mountain)
  • 2003 FA “Distant Lights” and “South Face Couloir”, two 1,100m routes on south face Kahiltna Queen/Humble Peak, Alaska
  • 2006 FA Haizi Shan 5880m, Sichuan, China (by north face)
  • 2010 FA west face Vasuki Parbat (6780m) India (followed by traverse of mountain). This climb was nominated for the Piolet D’Or
  • 2012 FA Dunglung Kangri (6365m) India (by south west face)
  • 2016 FA north west ridge Gangstang (6163m) India (followed by traverse of mountain)
  • Numerous first ascents and first winter ascents in Scotland
  • 2018 Janjukot (MACC Fund expedition) - Which inspired the new Janhukot Down Jacket

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