Montane Lapland Arctic Ultra (MLAU): 03-13 March, 2024

66.3272° N, 22.8428° E

Don’t miss the Montane Lapland Arctic Ultra, an ultra-race for runners, bikers, and skiers through the heart of Lapland.

Brought to you by the people behind the notoriously challenging Montane Yukon Arctic Ultra, the MLAU offers an exciting new cold climate challenge. Racers will follow in the tracks of snowmobile trails in the Swedish Lapland, exploring a stunning landscape of rivers, lakes and forests.

The Montane Lapland Arctic Ultra takes place deep into the Northern Swedish Winter and racers will tackle temperatures as low as - 30 degrees Celsius. This makes it among the world’s toughest ultra races.

2 races to track

Both routes will start and finish in the small town of Överkalix, in the Swedish province of Norbotten. Each race will head deep into Sweden's wild landscapes, crossing the Arctic circle.


Loop 1: North and Northeast


Loop 1 + Loop 2: North and Northwest

The MLAU story

The MLAU story

We caught up with race organiser Robert Pollhammer to learn all about the origins of the Montane Lapland Arctic Ultra. Read this dedicated blog to get excited about the upcoming inaugral ultra and learn more about the Spellbinding Swedish landscapes and culture.