#MyMontane: 10 Hot hiking tips

Eager to get out for a walking adventure? We asked the #MyMontane community for tips to help you stay cool on the trail this summer…

Few would argue that one of the simple pleasures in life is a great walk on a warm, sunny day. But for those looking to take their walking to the next level this season - the heat can soon pose challenges and have you begging for cooler conditions to roll in. 

Of course, ensuring you are carrying the right kit is essential to help keep you feeling comfortable and cool on the move this summer. Light, breathable layers are a great option and something we have plenty of here at Montane - from our popular breathable dart base layers, to lightweight, packable shorts

With the UK experiencing several prolonged spells of heat this summer, we wanted to help you continue to get outside and explore this season. That’s why we asked our extended #MyMontane community of walking enthusiasts for their hot hiking tips. Whether you’re an experienced hillwalker, love long distance trekking, or simply enjoy a good weekend stroll, it’s time to get outside and chase those unseen summits…


1. “Never underestimate how much water you need!" - goingroguenewzealand

2. “Ensure you’ve got a good cap or hat! Keeping your head covered is essential.” - RichieHanley

3. “Take a chief/buff out with you and rinse it in every stream/river you can find.” - hannahelizabethcampbell

4. “Start early, pack & dress light.” - Sibrownphoto

5. “Thermal flasks work for cold water too! A couple of ice cubes in there won't go a miss.” - Outdoors_Olly

6. “Put a bottle of water in the freezer the night before. This keeps it chilled for longer during the day.” Frances_Wilson1992

7. “Head to the woods to take shelter under natural shade - there’s no better excuse!” - Carlyelwell

8.“Ensure you’re wearing a breathable, sweat-wicking T-Shirt, underwear and hat.” - Neil_Irwin

9. “Pack your swimwear and dip as often as you can on your walk, it helps to keep your temperature down.” - liam_exploremoregetoutmore

10. “Consider taking a water filter if you are out for a long day.” - josh.brown227

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