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An Overview of the Barkley Marathons

#TeamMontane trail running athlete Tom Hollins unpacks the mystery surrounding the world’s toughest foot race, the iconic Barkley Marathons....Read more

Best hiking kit for spring and summer

Get ready to take on more hiking trails with our top walking kit picks. ...Read more

A beginner’s guide to the layering system

The key to exploring comfortably in the great outdoors? Mastering your layering system. Discover the layering up fundamentals we want every adventurous soul to understand....Read more

Map reading explained: A beginner's guide

Improve your map reading skills with the help of these expert tips from our friends over at OS Maps. From map symbols, to contour lines and coordinates, here’s the basics...Read more

Inspirational Challenges for 2023

Looking for an achievable goal to train towards? Don’t miss these inspiring walking and running challenges based in the UK. ...Read more

3 simple ways to start the year healthier and happier

Head into the new year feeling healthier and happier with these simple life hacks. Scrap the standard new year's resolutions and set yourself up to succeed this season (and beyond)…...Read more

How to travel to the mountains sustainably

#TeamMontane professional alpinist and mountaineer Rebecca Coles is most at home in the mountains. In support of International Mountain Day (11 December) she shares her advice to help more of...Read more

Photography Tips: How to capture awe-inspiring nature

Do you love snapping spectacular photos of your adventures? Experienced photographer Tom Kahler joined us in Iceland recently and shares his top tips to help you capture your favourite landscapes...Read more

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