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#TeamMontane Q&A: Designing with purpose

At Montane we pride ourselves on engineering kit for fast and light adventures. Hear from Materials Manager Liam Steinbeck to discover more about how we develop Montane kit....Read more

Best hiking kit for spring and summer

Get ready to take on more hiking trails with our top walking kit picks. ...Read more

WIN a Montane mens or womens spring kit bundle

Get ready for more missions in the mountains this season! Don't miss out on our latest kit giveaway....Read more

A beginner’s guide to the layering system

The key to exploring comfortably in the great outdoors? Mastering your layering system. Discover the layering up fundamentals we want every adventurous soul to understand....Read more

Love your kit: Montane Repairs Service Overheard

Last year we relaunched the Montane Repairs Service online. Since then we have helped many more of you fix your well-worn Montane kit. Need more convincing? Hear from the adventurous...Read more

5 Early Season Kit Picks

A new season is coming and, with it, new Montane kit! Take a look at the styles landing early that we’re excited about and get ready to start achieving your...Read more

A guide to recycled Dart base layers

Ever wondered how we make Montane clothes? We take a closer look at the popular Dart range to unearth its eco credentials and to help you understand more about how...Read more

Kit Review: Gecko VP12+ pack

Ultra runner and #TeamMontane athlete Howard Dracup reviews our ever-popular Gecko running vest pack. His verdict is in…...Read more

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