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Gear Review: Anti Freeze Down Jacket on the Yukon Arctic Ultra

The remote Yukon province of Canada, home to temperatures as low as -40 degrees, is the ultimate testing ground for our warmest winter gear. With the Yukon Arctic Ultra back...Read more

The Yukon: Discover the world’s coldest ultra

The MYAU is an arctic ultra that pushes racers to their limits, physically and mentally, in one of the coldest and most remote environments on the planet. ...Read more

A day on the Yukon Arctic Ultra Trail

Set in the depths of winter in north west Canada, The Montane Yukon Arctic Ultra has rightly earned itself a reputation as one of ‘the world’s coldest ultras’. Not sure...Read more

Race Review: Montane Yukon Arctic Ultra 2023

The 2023 Montane Yukon Arctic Ultra (MYAU) has officially concluded. Hear from racer Elise Zender who completed the 300-mile route on foot this year, her first experience of ‘the world’s...Read more

Montane Yukon Ultra Race 2022 Review

The Montane Yukon Arctic Ultra (MYAU) has wrapped for another year! We take a closer look at how the action unfolded on one of the world’s coldest ultras…...Read more

Athlete Q&A: Arctic Spine Race

Having completed both the Yukon and Lapland races in recent years, endurance racer Kevin Leahy has now set his sights on taking on the new Arctic Spine Race in Sweden…...Read more

7 arctic essentials for cold adventures

At Montane, we’ve developed outdoor clothing that performs extremely well in sub-zero temperatures. From the coldest ultra on the planet to adventures on frozen continents, discover the ultimate arctic adventure...Read more