FURTHER. FASTER. Podcast. Episode - 3

This episode is about fear, or, rather, overcoming fear. Fear of failure, fear of the unknown, or simply, oh-my-god-what's-that-coming-out-of-the-dark-right-at-me type of fear. How do you mitigate fear? How do you overcome fear? How do you harness fear?


But first Daniel spoke to Jordan Wylie, a former soldier, a hunter in the TV programme Hunted and maritime security expert. He's rowed solo across the Horn of Africa, ran through Afghanistan, Iraq and Somalia and, most recently, paddleboarded more than 2000km around the coast of Britain. But in a candid interview, Jordan is probably facing his biggest challenge of all: dealing with mental health issues during the pandemic. And if you're affected by any of these issues, remember there's always help available. Listen in to Jordan and Debbie's inspiring stories of bravery and adversity and ultimately, success.



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