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How walking helped transform my mental health journey

Walking can be a powerful form of exercise, not just physically, but mentally too. So in support of Mental Health Awareness week, hear from walking enthusiast Jake Tyler, who turned...Read more

A bikepacking adventure in the Lake District

Discover what happened when our highly versatile spring/summer kit was put to the test on a bikepacking journey in the Lake District National Park…...Read more

Podcast: Meet bikepacker Katherine Moore

Eager to take your love for cycling to the next level? Not sure where to begin planning a bikepacking adventure? Hear from passionate off-road gravel rider Katherine Moore to learn...Read more

How to take on the George Fisher Tea Round

Looking for an inspiring running challenge this year? Take a look at the George Fisher Tea Round, a 30-mile route based in the Lake District National Park....Read more

Bikepacking 101: A beginner’s guide

Ever wondered how to get into bikepacking? Hear from Montane athlete and passionate bikepacker Jenny Tough to find out all the essentials…...Read more

Athlete review: Testing the Protium Fleece Hoodie

Keen to get your hands on a Protium fleece? Not sure what to expect? Hear from Montane athletes Sebastian and Benjamin to see what they think of the popular Protium...Read more

How we’re investing in our planet’s future

We believe real action is needed to combat the climate crisis. That’s why this Earth Day we’re reflecting on the steps Montane are taking to help mitigate our impact on...Read more

Why Ineo pants are the ultimate women’s leggings

Discover the ultimate women’s leggings for all your adventure needs! We breakdown the reasons why every woman who loves to explore should own a pair of Ineo Pants. ...Read more

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