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An Overview of the Barkley Marathons

Trail running athlete Tom Hollins unpacks the mystery surrounding the world’s toughest foot race, the iconic Barkley Marathons....Read more

Tom Hollins’ guide to FKTs

Fastest Known Times (FKTs) have become the ultimate passion project for endurance athletes looking to push their limits in a unique way in the great outdoors. #TeamMontane athlete Tom Hollins...Read more

Tom Hollins: Barkley Marathons Debrief (part 1)

Having taken part in the legendary Barkley Marathons in 2023, #TeamMontane ultra runner Tom Hollins shares how the race action unfolded....Read more

Tom Hollins: TOR Report

On 8th September, with some trepidation and a lot of excitement, I placed my feet on the start line of the Montane Tor Des Géants. This was the second year...Read more


Montane Athlete Tom Hollins reflects on the difficult lessons he learned from his first Tor des Géants, what makes it such a difficult and special race, and how he plans...Read more

Tom Hollins: Montane Cheviot Goat 2018

Early December saw Montane Athlete Tom Hollins take on the Northumbrian Cheviots in challenging Winter conditions by running the Montane Cheviot Goat. Battling the elements, terrain, and bogs he finished...Read more

Tom Hollins: Double Bob Graham

Running non-stop for over two days and nights, Montane Athlete Tom Hollins successfully completed a double 'Bob Graham Relay'......Read more